The robustness and reliability of the Automatic Palletizing System continues to impress everyone. Over 30 Million tires palletized and still going strong.
David Myers, Section Engineering Manager 
Continental Tire North America, Inc. (Charlotte, NC)
The entire Engineering staff at C&D is a pleasure to work with. Their expertise and obvious desire to provide the customer with a valuable system resulted in a project that from concept to completion was on schedule, met or exceeded the performance goals, and was within budget.
The C5 control system is an extremely reliable and stable platform for machine control. On-line help and error reporting make maintenance tasks easy.
The 24/7 support line is an invaluable tool in maintaining a 24/7 production operation. Extremely good system reliability limits our maintenance technicians exposure to resolving problems. The support line is always there with someone to "talk them through" a problem.
Greg Brown, Plant Engineering
Continental Tire North America, Inc. (Mt. Vernon, IL)
A major criteria that made us select C&D Skilled Robotics is their advanced and user friendly robot control system. Almost everything is adjustable thought parameters, making it very flexible and easy to set for new products.
The robot construction is very robust. Our history shows a downtime less than 0.5 % with a monthly scheduled preventive maintenance of 4 to 6 hours.
C&D Skilled Robotics' team is really committed to deliver a product that will fulfill the customer's needs.
Ronald Dazé ing., Mechanical engineer / Project manager
Bridgestone / Firestone (Joliette, Canada)


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