Skilled CGR1000

“The Skilled® CGR-1000 is designed to satisfy the most demanding material handling needs. With its hardy design and patented drive system the Skilled® CGR-1000 offers standard payloads up to 2000 pounds (1000 kg). In addition, the robot’s working area can reach 250 feet (75m) long and over 50 feet (15 m) wide. This makes the Skilled® CGR-1000 the most versatile gantry for multi-SKU applications.

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Skilled CGR1000

Technical data

Structure: Cartesian

Freedom degree: 3-4 axis

Motors: Digital Servo

Repeatability: ± 0.10” (2 mm)

Noise Level: Below 70 dB

Environment: +32° F , +115° F (+5° C, +45° C)

Protection rating: IP 54

Standard payloads: 1000 lbs (500 kg) and 2000 lbs (1000 kg)

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